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Just a random fact:

This is not a place (syn. blog) where I vent extreme emotions. Except if it’s happiness. I like to keep my personal life unannounced. Also, my emotions are the weirdest you could ever encounter. I have reactions that last for only a minute or a day and regret saying it out loud after. Some would take too long but I’d rather keep it to myself ( Believe it or not, I have a blog that contains my different emotions for various situations. It’s like a journal that I keep private. The moment I write everything down, I feel a lot better. I stay focused, undisturbed and not causing harm to others. After some time, I read it again and I’d realize how much I’ve grown or how stupid I’ve been.Haha.)

Let’s keep this a happy place.

Happy girls are the prettiest – Audrey Hepburn