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I want to share my experience living in a place where women are not a big part of the picture.  Riyadh was my home for almost 7 years before I went to college and now I’m back  for 5 months now. Just to give you an idea of how a 20 year old woman/lady spend time in this place.

1. Eat out. (with the family) You can even eat out as much as you like and don’t feel broke.

2. Shop (with the family). Riyadh has the most beautiful malls and plenty of shiny stores. Also, they don’t fail you when they cut their prices up to 80% off. Plus, you get to save a lot of clothes because women go out wearing an “Abayah” (a long black garment that covers you from the shoulders to your feet), you won’t be needing a lot if you don’t go out in “private” places often.

3. Work-Home-Work-Home. That’s the routine.AND It’s carpool.

4. Watch a thousand movies/tv series, read books/magazines, surf the internet, re-arrange or clean the room and/or eat more on weekends.

5. Get bored at home. (But not all the time :p )

Dont get me wrong, ’cause I like this place. Life is easy, everything’s cheap, you get to spend a lot of time with your family. But if you’re into being independent, unless you’re a guy, you won’t find it here. There’s not much space to grow or spend on living life to the fullest. Not if you just slouch, watch tv or browse the net the whole day. So, to not disappoint myself, I try to make things meaningful and productive. I try to take advantage of what I can get here.

P.S. This is just my POV, I’m sure other women are living a different way. It’s just 50% I -love- it- here and 50% I -want- to- be -somehwere- else for me.