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There are things, events or people in our life that are not easy to let go. They’ve been a great part of you that you have been used to having them around. And when it’s time for them to go, you’ll never understand. Some goes on with there life leaving everything behind. Some takes it really bad and it already dictates how they live the rest of their lives. Some try to just live with the complications no matter how they feel, not even if it’s painful. Staying is not an option or should I say holding on won’t make things any better. Let go and move on. That’s what I learned the past months; that’s how I kept myself on track. You can’t just let go and stay in that same place forever. Live one step at a time, leaving your past to the past and taking every opportunity with you as you move on.

I have once had something great, something really special. But sometimes things just can’t stay the way they always did or how you wanted it to be. Things change, people change. I went through the usual motions of a heart break but I didn’t have to live with it every single day. In short, I went on with life and made sure that I’ll make myself a better person. I have more dreams, I have more goals to be accomplished and I have learned a new lesson. It was a time for me to grow up. 

Losing something or someone doesn’t mean you have to lose yourself; Remember, you just lost a part of you. Take it as an opportunity to grow. Every challenge is just the beginning. Every goodbye is an open door for another hello. An end to a chapter is a start of a new one.

Be thankful of what you had, what you have and what you’re about to get. That’s why the world is round, it doesn’t just stay still, it goes around. It’s up to you if you’ll keep standing on the same spot or take a step and move along.