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I used to write a lot; Blogs, notes, messages, status posts, and even on paper. I just feel like I have so much to say that I sometimes unintentionally spam pages with my posts. I write about life, how awesome and how tragic it may be. I speak about love and passion. I share my dreams and let everybody know who I am through what I write and how I write it. It has become the outlet of my emotions and a reflection of how I feel.

It seemed like it was never-ending. I had so much inspiration that I didn’t care if it goes on forever.

Now, it seemed like I lost my “pen”. I wrote too much words of the same emotion over and over until I grew tired of it. It felt like it was sucking energy from my soul and I just want it to stop. I still have a lot of thoughts, crazy ideas and impossible dreams but this time I want to keep it to myself. I kept everything for the longest time, not even in writing; just inside.

Motivation. Inspiration. Passion. — The things that kept me writing; my encouragement to live the life I always wanted to live. I grew apart from the three and ended up living someone else’s life but it doesn’t have to end there.

Just like how the birds fly from spring to summer, so will life be. We travel this world full of uncertainties but still in search for adventure. We may not be the person we used to be but who we are now is a part of who we will become. 🙂