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Oh, my first post using my Mac. Kidding. Just exaggerating and trying to be annoying. Haha. Also, you’ll find how lame it is for me to choose the title for this post.

Anyhow, Here’s another photo-less post. I’m always on a rush in the mornings and my room is a complete mess since we arrived 2 weeks ago so its a backdrop fail. Plus, there’s something with the lighting here that is either too dark or too yellow. The only chance I could get decent shots is when : 1. I go out of the house (which is very seldom because I don’t have a tripod and we have other people walking around this house), 2. At work, which has a lot of places to take great pictures but it’s work so, no. 3. In private occasions/parties/gatherings which I don’t really go to.

In conclusion, I’m left with nothing but words and more words for you.

I’ve been writing for a while but not here. I’m just not too “public” about my personal life or my deepest emotions. Just as how some people scream on the top of their lungs to feel better, I write (or shop). It’s true when they say “Some things are better left unsaid”. I hope I’m right.

When I get the courage, I’ll write a story. A little bit of reality and some make-believe. We’ll see if that actually works. I’d like to write my story; my journey with dreams and love. Some you may already know about and some that might encourage wrong judgement and misinterpretation. So, when I get the courage.

I’m actually multi-tasking right now so I’m losing some thoughts in the process of writing this. Apologies. 🙂


Till then! Bonne nuit!