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Today: I reheated my coffee in the microwave for 1 whole minute and I accidentally touched the wrong side of the cup. Result? I spilled an almost boiling hot coffee on my shirt, pants and right hand.

It happened so fast that I didn’t really feel anything but was more concerned that I have coffee stain all over my white shirt and the right side of my pants (white also). Good thing I wasn’t wearing a dry-clean-only blazer or I don’t know what to feel.

After a minute, I start to feel a little pain on my tummy and my right hand. It turned red so I almost panicked and pressed tissue soaked in cold water on it.

But it didn’t really feel like a disaster to me knowing how much I care for my clothes or how painful the burn can be. I ignored it and it felt good. But I had to change my shirt and put some ointment on the almost-burnt parts though.

It just made me realize how we experience a little spill of hard and heart-breaking situations in our lives and how we react to it. At the beginning, we feel so much pain and see how miserable we’ve been. But as time flies by, the hurt starts to fade away and we ignore how messed up we are. The marks of the burn in our hearts just slowly heal without much scar. We ease the frustration with an optimistic heart, we change our direction and look at the brighter side. A place where we feel stronger and better. Pain-free and with a changed heart.

If we just look at the stains and focus on the pain we feel, it will hurt more. You could end up just feeling sorry for yourself. Don’t look back on the mistakes and the imperfect spin in your life. Maybe it was meant to happen for you to take the step and make a change. We tend to stay where we are because that’s what makes us happy or that’s where we feel comfortable but sometimes doing that doesn’t make us grow.

Live your life the way you always wanted. As long as you don’t hurt people along the way or in exchange for your happiness. But if it happens that a fresh, hot cup of coffee get spilled over you. Just hold the burn under running cool water, change your clothes and feel brand new. In other words, cry your heart out then move on and live your life better. It is just a choice between holding back or moving on.