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We all have at least one wish we want to come true.

No matter the situation were currently in, we’ll always wish for something else. We hope for the better. Sometimes we get into a very tough challenge in life that all we want is to get over it. We just wish for the day when everything goes the way we want or things will turn out easier and happier.

But when we finally get what we want, we start to doubt ourselves. We tend to look for something else and expect more from what we are given. We forget that what we have now is what we asked for. When will we ever be contented of what we have? How can we rest in the happiness we dream of if we never appreciate it when it’s already there. If you reflect on it, your prayers have been answered but we still keep on looking.

Be grateful. Be thankful for what you have whether it’s all you have or its all you’ve always wanted. When a door closes, another opens. Don’t look for another way out if you’ve already found the right way. It’s only with being content will you ever find true happiness.

Wishes do come true. It’s just a choice if you still want the life you asked for.