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It’s my birthday today. It’s that simple! I didn’t have to write an introduction for this post. Ha ha.

My day turned out great with all the personal greetings, texts, calls, emails, flood of Facebook wall posts ( I got more than a hundred greetings and I’m proud to say I know each one very well to call them friends.^_^), and tweets. I had sweet presents and warm hugs too!

I had 2 celebrations today. One was at work where they planned a “surprise” party for me then some after dinner snack with friends and family. Tomorrow I’m hoping to spend the night with Mom and Dad and eat somewhere fancy. It’s my second year without my dearest friends to celebrate with though. I miss them so much.

Until now, I don’t feel like it’s my birthday. Every year I have this day where I feel really special and sometimes extremely giddy with so much emotions. I guess when you grow older you tend to not care much about what your birthday means. You just think of what you expect yourself to become now that you’ve moved a year forward.

I’m not used to having wishes on this special day or blowing candles for it to come true. But today I want to ask God for something specific but I won’t tell you. Ha ha. I want to live my life to the fullest and take risks with no regrets. Tomorrow when I wake up, I want to be someone else; someone who I’ve always dreamed myself to be. A woman of inspiration with a strong sense of self.

I hope for happiness, good health, peace of mind, wisdom and love.

I also hope I get a big surprise. Whatever it is, I want life to surprise me with a bang! (the good kind) Something I will never forget and will cherish dearly. Oh, this is my weird self talking. Anyhoo, I am so grateful for this day and I thank God for all the blessings I have received.

Twenty-one. To a year of change, faith and dreams. Cheers!