I’ve been experiencing “writer’s block” (let’s pretend that I’m an actual writer) since last month and up till now I feel like I have a lot in mind but a few words to say. Well, i think that would explain how I almost abandoned this place.

Weeks have passed and I just ended each day doing the same things, talking to the same people and sleeping at night feeling unproductive. I’ve been a little rude to myself for not actually making any sense and just took life for granted. Maybe I just got used to    doing the same old stuff i do and lived life lacking inspiration. I kind of set aside my dreams for a while and forgot how obsessed I am with the future. How I make those scenarios in my head and be so optimistic about them every single day. I got lost for a moment there.

But don’t worry, I don’t think I’ll lose myself for no reason at all or for whatever reason.Ha ha.

There are times when we try to be someone else and live a different life but we have to accept the fact that we can’t easily escape from reality. We can change but we can never run away from who we really are.

Bonne nuit!