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I realized that life is not really as complicated as we think it is. Well, occassionally.

Sometimes we instantly jump to future scenarios when we make our decisions. Majority of how we perceive things is based on how it could affect us in the future. No matter how something could benefit us now or how someone makes us very happy at the moment, there is still that little voice that tells us that it wouldn’t matter over time. We let some opportunities pass in return of a wishful better tomorrow.

Maybe if we try to live in the moment and just cherish every second of “now”, it wouldn’t take so much effort to have fun, to fall in love, to live the dream and be the best person you can be every single day. Even ignoring reality that we might get hurt or fail in the process. Just going with the flow.

We hold back from happiness, we let go of memories and we live our life one step back in the hope that maybe if we make the choices we already made, we’ll live our dreams with no regrets. But in this life, we learn to sacrifice what we want for what we need; we break hearts for happiness; we endure pain for love; and we reject a dream for a bigger dream. We continue taking crazy turns and long walks trying to avoid making mistakes along the way.