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2011.Where do I begin? It’s been one of my biggest years. A year of overflowing blessings. A time of transition/change and probably the year of making and realizing dreams. This is probably the year when I finally made up my mind of what I really want and who I want to become. A year of learning and growing up.

So, here are a few highlights from 2011:

I landed my first job in Finance at AIS-Riyadh on the first week of January. Right before I was done with my internship, I was told that I will be joining the team in 2011. No resume, no interview, no work experience except for my 480 hours as an intern and I still didn’t have my college diploma because I was not graduating until summer (June) + all the perks that comes from getting hired for the company $$$. Indeed, it was one heck of a way to start my year.

Graduation, June 2011. The summer break was very timely for the scheduled date of graduation. I finally received my diploma for Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Management. I’m officially done with school and I was off to a new phase in my life. Even though I started working already, it’s a different feeling to walk up the stage as my name’s called and finally announced as a graduate. It’s like a go-signal that a chapter in my life has ended. ( I didn’t get to have my graduation picture taken though, I’ll probably be an empty box in the yearbook then. Haha)

If there’s one thing that I’d splurge on, it will be traveling. (So, I splurged early. Haha) I had a few trips in Asia, June & July. Singapore, Hong Kong and China. It’s not exactly the order of my traveling plans but Asia is a good starting point. Yes?

After living life independently in the Philippines for almost 4 years, I’m back in Riyadh and I’ll probably be sticking around for a while. Reasons? Family, career, and God blessed me with a ministry to fulfill at the church and I’m humbled to be an instrument of sharing His Word to the youth. I may have left a lot of people close to my heart back home (and I miss them dearly), but I also made new friends and acquaintances to share my new life with.

I also turned 21 this year so that gives me more advantage with certain things but I’ll also have greater responsibilities and a new role to play. I think people (or I,myself) expect more from me.

There were also a couple of challenges along the way but it is what keeps things in balance. Along with the changes, came a series of adjustments. It is when we make mistakes that we learn to do better. It is through heartbreak that we learn to love more. It is through moving forward that we get closer to where we should be.

I am grateful for all the things that happened this year. It’s been a big leap and a fast paced chapter but it surely is a worthwhile journey. I believe I have matured in the different aspects of my life; physical, emotional and spiritual. For all the blessings and the trials, I am thankful for all I have and who I have become. All of which is not possible without God’s love and guidance.

To the year that was, it’s been a pleasure 2011! Cheers!