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We all know for a fact that life isn’t as pleasant and perfect as how we all want it to be. There are a thousand things we experience that we’d randomly forget without really understanding what it meant. I, myself, get confused a lot of times but I think I’ve lived most of my life expecting the best out of things/events/people. I’m optimistic about almost everything even though sometimes its close to impossible but I’d always end up convincing myself that all things are possible (of course, with God).

I’d have questions, I’d get confused, I’d sometimes get hurt but still manage to gracefully move forward because I’d always hope that tomorrow’s gonna be better. And God never failed me, every new day turned out to be brighter. But there are moments when I’d feel like breaking and feel so much loaded that I’d just burst to tears for no apparent reason. Sometimes I get so hopeful or positive that people/things would eventually give up on me. That when I’ve had too much faith, it sometimes just had to end. I know I can’t always expect to get a mutual response but you get the point.

Whatever it is that is going on in my life, whether good or bad, I’d always believe that however it turns out, it’s always for a reason and according to God’s plan. I’d never get tired of hoping and being optimistic about things. I’d always cherish when I’m happy and  grow up when I’m in pain. For no matter how crazy life gets, in the end it’s gonna be a happily ever after.