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Life would always take you by surprise. There will be times when you’ll encounter extremes; one day you’ll feel like the luckiest person on earth then suddenly feel like the whole world crashed all over you. That’s life.

We all run a race trying to reach a goal. We aim to win or for some of us, finishing the race is good enough. But it doesn’t go as smooth as breathing; there will be obstacles, there will be down times, we will get to the point where we’d get too tired or end up just  giving up. But that’s the beauty of winning. It is when you have won over the hardships  without letting go. It is when you fall down so many times that you learn how to stand firm. It is through pain that you’ll have greater faith. Losing is not the end but the beginning of a new race. It may be overrated but never give up! Run as hard and as gracefully as you can. Pause but never stop. Do not just aim to finish the race but run the race and win it.

Victory is not winning but believing. Believe that you can reach the bright end. Stand up when you fall, never look back and beat the best that you can be.