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And I’m back! Again, after a number of weeks, I have abandoned this blog. The early part of February and March I can justify; I’ve been busy organizing a concert for a cause and with God’s help and blessings, it was beyond successful (I’ll post some photos on the coming days). Right after that I had more than a week to rest before Spring break but unfortunately I had an insomnia attack. I would be in bed early in the evening but I’ll finally get sleep after midnight. Maybe I got used to being pre-occupied doing things that when it’s all over, my brain wanted something to keep itself full. That point in my life (even though I’m in denial at first), I felt really exhausted. I felt tired physically, mentally and emotionally. Thank God for the spiritual strength that it kept me feeling so alive in spite of my body/brain/heart- shut down. AND a 7-day break that I spent on my first European trip in Greece (and photos later too!). I actually attended a conference for 2 days but I got to explore the city most days of the week.

Here I am now back in reality with an attempt to revive this little space where I “keep” a part of my brain and a glimpse of my heart (eeek!). I have already wasted 4 days procrastinating but I have to keep it all together and do what I am supposed to do. I think my obsessive planning and organizing self is way better than my couch-potato side. Every time I reach a phase like this, it’ll always feel like New Year’s Eve where I wake up and try to start fresh and change things a bit. Through all the obstacles that has come my way; I can’t help but be thankful for I have been blessed more than I have been tested. For all its worth, I’m living my dream.