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I have no idea how I ended up writing here. So, here it goes: I just finished watching Glee’s Prom episode and HS memories came back to me. It didn’t take too long to think about 5 years ago, then 4 years, 3, 2 and finally, a year ago. Sometimes memories feel very much like yesterday; you remember moments and feel like you’re in the same place all over again. For a few minutes, all those years played in my head like it’s in fast-forward. I had happy times, crying nights, years of love and years of heartache, roller coaster rides of success and failure, birth and death of friendship, never-ending times of change and opportunities of growth. If I were to write a book about my life, it will be one book for every year. I’ve had a combination of ordinary and crazy and now that I think about it, I have no regrets.

We may think of those memories and how much it affected our lives but no matter how you try to keep them alive, a day would come when it will just be something in the mind, and feelings will never be the same no matter how you try to bring them back. Sometimes we become so used to feeling a certain way about things that in our mind we haven’t moved on but in reality, we are already miles away. Life’s pretty interesting and it continues to surprise us. There are a number of events that we can never explain why and how they exist but it is what keeps us going ’cause we always want to know how things would end.

You will never know the value of time until you’ve lost it. It is a fact that we can never take or turn back time but we can always choose to make the most of it while it lasts. We still hold on to some memories of the past but as we move on with life we realize not how it’s pulling us back but how it’s making us better now. It is unfortunate not to get anything from history but a treasure to be held back at that moment but still be able to let it go.

Live life not like it’s your last but the first. For people who have already experienced it,the beginning is the most magical. Cherish every second and live like it’s never going to end. Do not worry of how things will work out. There will be ups and downs but it will all be worth it. Dream infinitely, love forever and live the best life you could ever have.