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You can dream of anything but you have to face reality that you can’t have everything.

We all have dreams playing in our head; our very own fiction with a fairy tale-ending.

We are all entitled to an extreme fantasy but we have a choice to chase it or live the closest reality possible. I, myself, fall in the latter. I have so many goals, I have images of myself where I’m the person I always wanted to be. All of which is very realistic and attainable. I didn’t have to deal with the impossible where I’d own a flying pink pony when I turn 25. But no matter how realistic it might be, it still seems like I can only have a few options at hand. It’ll always end up with, “If I do this then I have to give up being a certain person”, “If I make this choice, I’d have to live without the other”. Through the years, I didn’t give up on any of my dreams but it just happens that I made a choice to do one thing over the other. Sad to say, I’d often lose a big dream to be on the safe zone. Sometimes I’d rather be the same person than to be judged wrongly for what I’ll do next.

Some people tend to do things based on what other people say. They are so conscious of how others would react to what they do, how they speak, what they wear and who they’re with. It’s funny how much effort we make in order to please others or to do things that others expect you to do. Most of the time we end up in regret and being unhappy for giving up what you want for what others want for you. You can watch what you say and how you act so you don’t hurt people but don’t let them stop you from becoming who you really want to be. There will be things that make us happy but we sometimes let it pass in exchange for people’s approval.

Live your life like you pictured it the first time. Live it as if nothing’s gonna go wrong. Don’t be afraid to fail for you can’t appreciate the reward if you were not able to endure a little pain. Forget what other people would say but let them forget what they have to say about you. Be happy as you are and live the best life the best way you know how.

It is true that we can’t have everything but don’t let it stop you from dreaming big and achieving them along the way. How much will it hurt to have a little faith?