** I wrote this entry last November 11, 2012. It’s been a while since I last opened my blog and after almost 2 years, I have no idea why I left this in my drafts (See link for original title). Whatever the reason was, it makes sense so I’m posting it now (unedited).

God answers prayers. But it won’t always be the way you imagined it to be. Sometimes it’ll come in fancy gift boxes or it will take you by surprise; Either way, He answers.—

Some people try everything they could to be where and who they want to be. Some just take life for granted. Most of the time we miss out on the good things because we focus so much on the finish line. How we run the race is more important than winning it. The handwork, patience, the obstacles along the way, the days when you feel like giving up, the time when you feel sick and tired, the moments when you see how others run and go pass you and how much effort you exert trying to get to the end. It’s all that matters. When you feel like you don’t want to continue the race, think about the first time, think about the burning passion you had the first day; that’s what will keep you focused to continue the battle. We may grow tired and weary but having the faith we once had will keep us going.