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Be yourself, everyone else is taken.” —

Forget about how you want to be “her”, stop whining about how imperfect you are, how you spend so much time not eating just to maintain your “sexy” bod, how you spend all your time and effort (and money) trying to be someone else, the list goes on (even until the ends of the universe; send me your list if you have one!).

Inspiration is good. A little motivation from someone is healthy. Setting a good standard for you to follow is not bad at all. But devoting all your energy just to be someone else is something. Sadly, you’ll end up not better than “her” but a copy cat.

Embrace your imperfections. You may have weaknesses but surely you have more good qualities than you give yourself credit for. Stop starving yourself to perfection but eat healthier/exercise more. Your body will thank you later. Stop compromising to the definition of beauty in today’s world. Accept yourself as you are because YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. What you think becomes who you are. So, if you keep thinking you are not as pretty, you are not as rich, you are not as popular; you definitely, surely, are not.

Enjoy while you can. Eat whatever you want (in moderation, of course), spend more time with your family and your friends, they are the ones who will make you feel your best. Do not try to be better or like someone else but be the best version of you. Do what makes you happy. Spend your money not on what you think others would want but on something you really want. Something that will define who you are and not be quoted as “the follower”.

Travel your own path, dream the dream you’ve always wanted, be THE inspiration to others, be the woman who is comfortable in her own skin. Not a follower but a leader. Love yourself  how God loves you; perfect and special in every way. As one of my favorite Bible verse (Proverbs 31:25-26) says, “She is clothed with strength and dignity, she can laugh at the days to come. She speaks with wisdom and faithful instruction is on her tongue.” Be that kind of woman. The words speak for itself.

Live your life not how others live it but the best way you can. Treat every moment of your life striving to be a blessing to others. Be beautiful inside out.Be confident of who you are and what you can do. Feel beautiful because you are!

Now, go out to the world and show the new version of you!